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Design Consultant

Our design consultant’s work to assist our clients with their interior decorating. We help our clients furnish and decorate their homes, offices, or businesses. We meet with clients, inspect the spaces that they want to renovate or decorate, go over samples, and come up with suggestions that complement their personal style or the brand’s aesthetic. Which may include pricing products, such as fixtures, furniture, and drapery.

Our project management team oversee a complete project which complies with the client's objectives and achieve goals to meet success criteria at a specified time.

Wellness design consultant

As designers we have come to realize that our designs can affect our bodies and mind, that is why we are concentrate on a wellness that can work along design. The Air we breath the light we used, and many other specs of design can affect us. Our goal is to Create a concept with our Health as a priority. Using element from nature we can improve our indoor design.

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